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The PIF (Paying It Forward) idea came from the movie Pay It Forward. To pay it forward, simply put, is to have been helped at some point, and put in the position to help someone else. We are a collection of motorcycle enthusiast that have come together to build a PIF network. Helping people is not an original idea, but we have taken part in other events that have helped other people, and in a sense started a PIF network without even knowing it. Some of the stories of past events we've done you can read here. We will be updating this website to share our new stories, and pictures. We would like to entice you in taking part as well. Know matter how big or small, the feeling you get in returned is unbelievable. There are many ways to help out different charities, and organizations, but this is one place where you can see the end results of your efforts. Each year we gather in fellowship meeting new friends and old. We all like to ride, visit beautiful areas, have a good time, and help someone out. Take some time and read about some of the events from the past, and come be a part of the events in the future.

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